About Us
Welcome to Big Sky Shih Tzu, your Shih Tzu Breeder in Scobey, Montana! I found my first love "Oreo" 20 years ago in South Dakota. We thought we were buying from a reputable breeder but when we went to pick her up we found out it was a puppy mill. We took Oreo and her only sibling left home so they didn't have to stay another night in that awful place! Needless to say, we fell in love with her and have been proud owners of Shih Tzu's ever since! I have since became dedicated to the betterment of the breed standard and got myself a beautiful red-orange liver female, Emery. Once Emery proved to be a quality happy and healthy adult we started our search for her boyfriend. We knew we had a perfect shih tzu already so we went back to our breeder friend and found her the ideal suitor! Merlot joined our family in 2015. He is a handsome petite cream liver boy. They each have their very own personalities that are infinitely entertaining!!!

We raise our dogs and puppies as part of our family. They are always included in our day to day life and because of that are now little social butterflies! They always think people stop to visit them! They are not just a hobby for us, they are a very important part of our family. We hope that you will make them part of your family too!

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